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The World’s Top Trending Women in Business Speakers to Hire for Events in 2024

Women in business continue to bring invaluable insights to their journeys throughout male-dominated industries, empowering workforces with strategies for leadership, innovation, and breaking glass ceilings. In this blog post, we have selected our top trending women in business speakers to hire for events internationally.

Why is Gender Inclusivity Important in the Workplace?

Gender diversity in the workplace is crucial not just for an organisation’s reputation but fundamentally for its performance and profitability. Companies that embrace gender diversity outperform their peers, achieving higher profits due to the varied perspectives and approaches brought by a balanced workforce. Excellence hinges not on gender, but on talent and effective leadership, making an equitable environment essential. By valuing diversity, leaders foster innovation and growth. Additionally, gender diversity is influential in attracting talent, as prospective employees consider it when choosing their workplace. Thus, prioritising gender diversity is beneficial across multiple facets of an organisation.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Women in Business Speaker?

Hiring a woman in business speaker offers myriad benefits, enhancing event success and impact. With profound professional insights, they will bring authenticity, expertise, and relatability, addressing event themes with authority. Their experiences inspire and motivate, promoting resilience and positive attitudes, essential when working within a ‘male-dominated’ industry. She underscores event objectives, delivering poignant messages that reinforce the central theme, while her presence bolsters the event’s credibility. Overall, a female business speaker not only diversifies the event line-up but also catalyses meaningful engagement, communication, and inspiration, vital for personal and professional growth.

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Our Top 10 Women in Business Speakers:

  1. Inga Beale
  2. Jo Salter
  3. Carly Fiorina
  4. Makaziwe Mandela
  5. Karren Brady
  6. Penny Power
  7. Gina Buckney
  8. Natasha Graziano
  9. Jo Fairley
  10. Kanya King

Inga Beale

Dame Inga Beale stands as a paragon of progress in the corporate world, championing diversity, inclusion, and female empowerment. As the first female CEO of Lloyds of London in its 320-year history, she reshaped its inclusion policies, setting a precedent in a traditionally male-dominated sector. Today, as a sought-after keynote speaker, Inga brings her wealth of knowledge on fostering inclusive workplaces, modernising archaic traditions, and steering cultural shifts. Holding esteemed positions like Chair of Mediclinic and Board Director of the Chartered Insurance Institute, her vast experience in the financial and insurance sectors further underlines her credibility. Ranked atop the OUTstanding & FT Leading LGBT Executives List, Inga’s commitment to diversity is unparalleled, making her a beacon of inspiration for all.

Official Testimonial:

“Dame Inga exceeded all our expectations. Her personal approach directly connected with our employee audience. Immediately following our online broadcast, we received accolades, including comments like “amazing,” ” fantastic,” and “inspirational.” She took personal storytelling to a new level!” – Mary’s, Claires

Jo Salter

Dr Jo Salter MBE is a trailblazing figure who shattered traditional barriers as the first female fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force. Transcending from her illustrious military career, where she flew the Panavia Tornado and inspired countless Air Cadets, Jo has carved an equally impressive trajectory in the corporate world. As the Director of Global Transformative Leadership for PWC, her ascent through various leadership roles testifies to her prowess and adaptability. A recipient of an MBE for her monumental contributions to aviation, Jo combines her military and corporate insights to provide riveting talks on global transformative leadership and shattering glass ceilings in male-dominated sectors. Through her speaking engagements, she empowers women, teaching resilience, determination, and performance under pressure, making her a sought-after women in business speaker.

Official Testimonial:

“Jo Salter has solved more life and death problems than most of us can imagine – and she brings her courage, tenacity and determination to business and management in a way that is truly motivational” – Dan, Cable & Wireless

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina, a trailblazer known for shattering corporate America’s glass ceiling, commands the stage as a woman in business keynote speaker. With her legacy as Hewlett Packard’s former CEO, she’s not just a successful leader; she’s an icon who defied the odds in a male-dominated industry. Her journey, marked by steering HP through rough economic seas and achieving laudable corporate citizenship, inspires audiences worldwide. Now, as the champion of initiatives like Good360 and One Woman Initiative, Carly’s influence transcends corporate realms, touching global and community causes. Her political endeavours, including a presidential run, reflect her multifaceted commitment to empowerment. Carly Fiorina is not merely a speaker; she’s a beacon for aspiring women leaders seeking to disrupt norms and redefine power. Her insights on high-performance culture, diversity, and unlocking human potential make her an invaluable asset at any gathering, motivating others to break barriers and instigate meaningful change.

Official Testimonial:

“Carly surpassed our expectations- her message was powerful and resonated with our clients who are struggling to rebuild their practices after COVID significantly disrupted our industry. She took the time to understand our unique needs as an organisation and our audience’s struggles. This allowed her to tailor her message in a way that connected with our customers and executives and gave them actionable insights they could apply in practice immediately” – Spear Education

Makaziwe Mandela

Makaziwe Mandela stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of women in business, embodying empowerment, leadership, and relentless pursuit of social justice. Her esteemed background, enriched by a Fulbright Foreign Scholarship and a Doctorate in Anthropology, fortifies her stance as a formidable keynote speaker. From her executive tenures to co-founding the House of Mandela, her journey epitomises dedication to uplifting women economically and socially, particularly in South Africa. Makaziwe’s speeches resonate with profound insights on female empowerment, leadership dynamics, and social advocacy, drawing from her extensive academic and professional experiences. Unyielding in her advocacy, she not only upholds her family’s legacy but also paves the way for future women leaders.

Official Speaking Topics:

  • Collaboration v Competition
  • Service Leadership
  • Female Empowerment

Karren Brady

Karren Brady, celebrated for her trailblazing roles in football as the former Managing Director of Birmingham City Football Club and the current Vice-Chair of West Ham United, is a paragon of success in the business world. As the first woman to penetrate the male-dominated realm of high-profile football, she faced and overcame rampant sexism. Today, as a sought-after woman in business keynote speaker, Karren delves into the tenets of entrepreneurial spirit, world-class branding, and the blueprint to success. Her accolades, including listings on the UK’s most powerful women rankings and her tenure alongside Lord Sugar on The Apprentice, cement her position as an inspirational figure. Moreover, her roles in diverse sectors and recognition, from Woman of the Year to Life Peer Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge, underscore her unparalleled business acumen and influence.

Official Testimonial:

“As one of the UK’s leading hospitality brands, we recently engaged Karren to deliver a keynote speech at our annual conference in Manchester for circa 2200 delegates. Karren’s speech was totally ‘on message’ and really resonated with our team members. Karren’s appearance created a real WOW for our team members at Costa Coffee” – Costa Coffee

Penny Power

Penny Power, the renowned Founder of Ecademy, revolutionised the business world with the first-ever social media network specifically for businesses. Together with her husband, this platform paved the way for the likes of LinkedIn. Now, Penny is recognised as a leading female motivational speaker, drawing from her entrepreneurial prowess to educate on the entrepreneur mindset, resilience in business, and the significance of connection in professional growth. With her ventures, including Digital Youth Academy and The Business Café, she demonstrates her commitment to nurturing business success at its core. As the author of ‘Business is Personal’, Penny shares invaluable insights from her extensive entrepreneurial journey. With her engaging presence on Business Blonde’s TV and her advocacy for global connections through the BIP100.Club, Penny is truly a force in the business world, making her a sought-after speaker for corporations like Google and Microsoft.

Official Testimonial:

“Penny is confident, enthusiastic, optimistic and full of interesting life experiences who gave us great insight in looking at self-actualisation and career progression within our diverse group at Aristocrat. We would definitely recommend and need another reason to bring her back!” – Dipexa, Human Resources Manager EMEA, Aristocrat Technologies Europe Ltd

Gina Buckney

Gina Buckney stands out as a beacon of empowerment in the corporate world, bringing over two decades of transformative leadership and advocacy for inclusivity and mental health to the stage. As a keynote speaker, she draws from her extensive experience, including pivotal roles at Halifax, Barclays, and BT, to deliver compelling narratives that resonate with global audiences. Gina’s journey from being the youngest Contact Director at BT to establishing Your People Power highlights her dedication to fostering environments where happier employees drive productivity. Her insightful self-help series, ‘Journals of Life’, further cements her commitment to personal and professional development. Chosen for the prestigious Santander UK Breakthrough Women’s Business Leaders Mentoring Programme, Gina’s passion and expertise make her an invaluable asset at any event, inspiring change and equality in the workplace.

Official Testimonial:

“Working with Gina over the last few months has been a pleasure. Not only is she infectiously positive but she really took time to understand our business and our requirements for an engagement talk with Aegon colleagues. The session was well attended and really delivered what we needed it to, a talk on how delivering exceptional experiences in a busy environment is as much about looking after yourself as it is about looking after our customers. Thank you.” – Claire, Aegon

Natasha Graziano

Natasha Graziano stands as a leading authority in the realm of women in business. Overcoming overwhelming challenges, from immense debt to homelessness with a young child, she shifted her mindset and ascended to helm a multi-million-pound enterprise. The creator of Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity, Natasha imparts wisdom on fostering a resilient mindset to achieve goals. A best-selling author and the driving force behind a top-10 podcast, her influence has rippled across social media, amassing millions of followers. Having graced esteemed platforms alongside icons like Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, Natasha’s accolades from Forbes, LA Weekly, and others solidify her stature. Beyond business, her altruistic pursuits with Pencils Of Promise exemplify her profound commitment to transformative change.

Official Testimonial:

“Natasha is a compassionate thought leader who’s consistently delivering value. I get supercharged and feel good listening to her interviews. It’s easy to connect to her energy because she’s so grounded. Thanks Natasha!” – Reeta

Jo Fairley

Jo Fairley is widely respected for becoming an inspirational figure for women in business. As the driving force behind the globally acclaimed Green & Black’s Chocolate, she defied economic downturns, launching the brand during a recession and eventually nurturing it into a £20 million behemoth. Jo’s business acumen extends beyond chocolate; she later established Judges Bakery and co-founded The Perfume Society. An ethical entrepreneur, she has been lauded with awards recognising her commitment to the environment. Besides her business pursuits, Jo has penned books and skillfully manages The Scented Letter as its editor. As a keynote speaker, her compelling journey and tenacity motivate others to achieve greatness, making her a paragon for entrepreneurs and leaders everywhere.

Official Testimonial:

“Jo was absolutely fantastic! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the call and found her to be interesting and inspiring. Our CEO was one of the people on the call and he loved the effort that was put into her slides and talk. Just to note that Jo was super professional by setting up calls to have run throughs and she was really enjoyable to work with.” – Katie, UNIDAYS

Kanya King

Kanya King, Founder and CEO of the MOBO Awards, stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of business, championing diversity with an unyielding passion. Her journey, transforming the MOBO Awards into a global phenomenon, highlights her acumen and dedication, making her an exceptional women in business keynote speaker. Under her leadership, genres often overshadowed found their spotlight, and talents from diverse cultures gained deserved recognition. As a speaker, Kanya captivates her audience with insights from her illustrious career, inspiring a more inclusive societal paradigm. Her honours, including appointments as MBE and CBE, testify to her monumental impact, underscoring her role as a trailblazer in both entrepreneurship and advocacy for representation. Kanya’s narrative is not just a success story but a clarion call for universal inclusion, making her an empowering voice for change.

Official Testimonial:

“Kanya is an inspiration to women around the world! Listening to her journey really kicked off the launch of our diversity & inclusion program. Her endless energy and positivity shine through in her speaking. Our employees left feeling motivated, invigorated and compelled to follow their dreams.” – AOL International

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