The 10 Most Popular Female LGBT+ Speakers To Hire For Pride 2024

Pride Month is celebrated annually, throughout the month of June. A time for mass celebrations, Pride Month honours the achievements made by the LGBT+ community throughout history and celebrates their freedom within society. A fantastic addition to Pride Month events is hiring a powerful female LGBT+ speaker, who will share their personal story as a member of the LGBT+ or passionately advocate for LGBT+ inclusion across society.

What Is Pride Month?

Pride Month is an annual celebration, dedicated to promoting LGBT+ inclusion and uplifting the voices of the LGBT+ community. Across the globe, a variety of Pride parades take place, celebrating the political activism and achievements made by the LGBT+ community throughout history.

Promoting acceptance and equality for the LGBT+ community, Pride Month is also a time for people who identify as LGBT+ to show pride in their sexual orientation and gender identity. It can also be a time during which the LGBT+ community campaigns for equal rights, such as same-sex marriage or protection from cruel conversion therapy.

Also a time for education, Pride Month is a fantastic time to educate yourself on LGBT+ history and the injustices the community has faced throughout history.

Source: People and Inclusive Employers

Who Organised The First Pride March?

In 1969, the first LGBT+ Pride parade held in New York City was organised by Fred Sargeant, Ellen Broidy and Linda Rhodes. In the UK, a man named Peter Tatchell helped to organise the UK’s first LGBT+ Pride march, with a team of 30 others who planned the march on the 1st of July 1972.

Source: Wikipedia & Insider

How Can I Celebrate Pride Month?

  • Attend or organise a Pride event or parade
  • Become an ally
  • Volunteer or donate to an LGBT+ charity
  • Educate yourself on LGBT+ history
  • Promote LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and society
  • Hire a powerful LGBT+ speaker to promote equality and LGBT+ pride

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Who Are The Most Popular Female LGBT+ Speakers To Hire For 2024?

  1. Nicola Adams
  2. Phyll Opoku-Gyimah
  3. Michelle Visage
  4. Anita Asante
  5. Helen Richardson-Walsh
  6. Dame Inga Beale
  7. Martina Navratilova
  8. Yasmin Benoit
  9. Kate Richardson-Walsh
  10. Dame Kelly Holmes

Book A Female LGBT+ Speaker To Help You Empower LGBT+ Inclusion This Pride Month!

Nicola Adams

Having become the first female boxer to become an Olympic champion, after claiming Gold in the Flyweight class at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Nicola Adams has solidified her name in the history books. Repeating her success at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Nicola claimed a further Olympic Gold, before retiring with an undefeated record. Since her retirement from boxing, Nicola has forged a reputation as a passionate LGBT+ advocate, openly sharing her life as a member of the LGBT+ community with her partner Ella Baig.

Listed on the BBC’s 100 Women, at No.1 on The Independent’s 101 Most Influential LGBT People in Britain list and No.1 on the DIVA Power List of the Most Eminent Lesbian and Bisexual Women, it is without a doubt that Nicola is a powerful role model in the LGBT+ community. Empowering other women to succeed in a male-dominated environment, Nicola has proven that with commitment and dedication glass ceilings can be obliterated, as proven when she competed in the first same-sex couple on Strictly Come Dancing in 2020. Don’t hesitate in hiring Nicola Adams when looking for an inspirational female LGBT+ speaker.

“Fantastic! Nicola was open, honest and inspiring. It went really amazingly well and we can’t wait to have her back.”Macquarie Group Services

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah

A powerful political activist, Phyll Opoku-Gyimah is renowned for her work encompassing racial, gender and LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion. Widely known as ‘Lady Phyll’, Phyll is revered for her work as the Founder of Black Pride, with whom she has worked as the Executive Director to create the largest celebration for LGBT+ people from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East. Promoting a safe space of inclusion, Phyll celebrates diverse sexualities, cultures, gender expressions and gender identities. Also the Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust, Phyll is a preeminent voice for LGBT+ empowerment and inclusion.

Named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential LGBT People on the Rainbow Power List, on the World Pride Power List and on the 100 Great Black Britons list, it is without question that Phyll is a powerful role model in the LGBT+ community. Having previously been a Trustee of Stonewall and Grand Marshall of New York Pride, Phyll is a fantastic choice as an LGBT+ speaker, who will promote a free, safe and equal world for the LGBT+ community.

“Phyll is a brilliant and exceptional human rights advocate and is an expert in LGBT+ human rights, intersectionality, race and workers rights and a whole lot more.”Louise, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Advisor, Barnardo’s

Michelle Visage

A legendary American TV personality, Michelle Visage is widely renowned for her allyship of the LGBT+ community. Famed for her role as a Judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and Co-Host of The RuPaul Show, Michelle has long shown her support for the LGBT+ community and ensured that they were represented in mainstream media. As a passionate member of the LGBT+ community, Michelle often states that being an ally is ‘the most important thing’ to her. Having also appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and Co-Hosted RuPaul: What’s The Tee?, Michelle is on a mission to put the LGBT+ community firmly in the limelight.

Mother to a child who identifies as gay, Michelle is driven to create a world that is supportive and accepting of the LGBT+ community, ensuring that her child has a safe place to grow and flourish. Now booked as an inspirational female LGBT+ speaker, Michelle advocates the importance of being an Ally and increased awareness of the struggles that the LGBT+ community continue to face. Changing mainstream media and stereotypes one step at a time, don’t hesitate in booking Michele Visage as an inspirational LGBT+ speaker.

“Can you pass on a MASSIVE thanks to her. If you could let her know the reception has been INCREDIBLE. One comment was ‘I’m going to log off this call and conquer the world!’. She inspired so many.”Grace, Amex

Anita Asante

Enjoying a successful career as a defender for Aston Villa with over 70 caps for the England National Team, Anita Asante is often subject to the opinions of others and uses her platform to advocate for awareness of racial and LGBT+ discrimination. Named Player of the Year in 2003 and awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2006, Anita is a true role model for all and empowers equality throughout society. Openly lesbian, Anita is often seen speaking out about anti-discrimination, shaping a better future for the LGBT+ community one step at a time.

Now booked as an inspirational female LGBT+ speaker, Anita has avidly spoken out about why football and sporting organisations need to think more about LGBT+ inclusion. Promoting a more open culture, Anita is encouraging a greater understanding of LGBT players and creating a diverse experience in sports. Renowned for her reputation for LGBT+ and anti-discrimination advocacy, don’t miss out on an authentic and emotive speech from Anita Asante.

“Anita was great – warm, authentic, personable, humble, engaging. She got the tone spot on and managed to answer some quite challenging questions at the end. I hope she didn’t find the session too daunting. We loved having her and the feedback was very positive.”Victoria, Motorway Online Ltd

Helen Richardson-Walsh

Capped 293 times for Team GB and England Hockey teams, Helen Richardson-Walsh has marked her name in the history book as a prominent British athlete. Playing as part of the team that claimed Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Helen is also renowned for being the youngest ever woman to represent Team GB Hockey, playing at the Sydney Olympic Games at just 18 years old. Having formerly been a Patron of Proud Lilywhites and an Ambassador for Access Sports, Helen is a passionate and positive advocate of equality. Part of the first same-sex couple to be appointed OBE on the same honours list, alongside her wife Kate Richardson-Walsh, Helen is a preeminent LGBT+ role model.

When booked as a powerful female LGBT+ speaker, Helen shares her personal experience of being open about her sexuality in sports, and the importance of LGBT+ inclusion. Also specialising in topics such as mental wellbeing, psychology and participation of women in sports, Helen Richardson-Walsh is guaranteed to empower the fight for diversity, inclusion and equality.

“Inspirational and engaging.”Chesham Preparatory School

Dame Inga Beale

Renowned as the first female CEO of Lloyd’s of London in its 320+ year history, Dame Inga Beale is one of the most respected figures in the world of business. Promoting the creation of inclusive workplaces, modernising tradition and cultural change, Inga has been ranked first on the OUTstanding & FT Leading LGBT Executive List – making headlines as the first bisexual woman to be ranked on this illustrious list. A Patron of Insuring Women’s Futures and a member of the Stonewall Development Council, Inga is committed to making a safer and brighter future for the LGBT+ community in the workplace and society as a whole.

During her time at Lloyd’s, Inga pioneered significant culture change, transforming the business from a traditional paper document company to an inclusive, digitised and modern organisation. She was also the mastermind who launched the Pride@Lloyds network, encouraging a diverse and inclusive working environment that supports the LGBT+ community to achieve their best. When booked as a leading female LGBT+ speaker, Inga avidly expresses her passion and strives for equality and diversity, demonstrating what a powerful and driven LGBT+ role model she is.

“I just wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you to Dame Inga. What a truly inspiring session and the perfect way to launch the Kӓrcher Women’s Network. My inbox is already flooded with comments from people on how much Inga has taught them. I know that session will stick with me forever.”Aimee, Head of Learning & Development, Kӓrcher

Martina Navratilova

Named the Greatest Female Tennis Player from 1975 to 2005 by Tennis Magazine, Martina Navratilova is one of the UK’s most famous tennis players of all time. Having remained undefeated for an impressive 332 weeks in the singles, claiming 18 Grand Slam singles and 31 major women’s doubles titles, Martina holds the key to sporting success. Throughout her career, Martina has advocated passionately for the LGBT+ community, having come out as bisexual, before re-identifying herself as lesbian and marrying her long-time girlfriend Julia Lemigova. Using her prominence as a platform for advocacy, Martina has also participated in the lawsuit against Amendment 2 – a ballot proposition that prevented sexual orientation from being a protected class.

With a highly successful sporting career to her name, Martina is now booked as an inspirational female LGBT+ speaker for Pride events. Having formerly spoken at the March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation, Martina’s advocacy was recognised with the National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign in 2000. When looking for a passionate and strong female LGBT+ advocate to speak at your Pride event, don’t hesitate in booking Martina Navratilova today.

“Martina was truly an outstanding speaker who not only naturally captures the audience with the knowledge, passion, strong sense of confidence, and charming attitude, but also stays on a message, purposefully and eloquently, throughout a speech.”AARP

Yasmin Benoit

A prominent Black British model, Yasmin Benoit is renowned for her award-winning asexuality and aromantic activism. On a mission to diversify the fashion industry and raise awareness for those who identify as aromantic or asexual, Yasmin has publicly identified as aromantic-asexual to share her personal experience with others. Tackling misconceptions and campaigning for social change, Yasmin is famed for creating the hashtag #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike – a movement that shows that asexual people can look or dress however they wish.

A Board Member of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, Yasmin has also become an Asexualities Researcher at California State University. Featured in Vogue, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan and British GQ, Yasmin has been honoured for her activism with recognition on the Visible100 List as a Community Campaigner. Now booked as an empowering female LGBT+ speaker, Yasmin is making history, having also been the first openly aromantic-asexual activist to win an LGBTQ+ Award. Having hosted her own series titled ‘Me and My Asexuality’, don’t miss out on an informative and engaging speech on asexuality and aromantic advocate Yasmin Benoit.

“Yasmin, thank you so much for joining us today! We truly appreciate your time and the opportunity to hear from you. I heard from multiple attendees that they really enjoyed your talk and found it helpful and insightful. We’re excited to share it with more employees via the recording and keep the conversation going here at Uber. On behalf of the Pride at Uber resource group, happy Pride Month, and also thank you for the important work you do and the changes you’ve made and advocated for the LGBTQIA+ community. It was such an honour to get to hear from you today.”Uber

Kate Richardson-Walsh

A history-defining member of the England women’s hockey team, Kate Richardson-Walsh is an inspirational woman and passionate LGBT+ speaker. Playing as part of the illustrious team that claimed Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Kate was also capped 375 times for England and named an England Hockey Member of Honour. When she claimed victory at the 2016 Olympics, Kate became part of the first same-sex couple to win an Olympic Gold medal together. She was also named on the same Queen’s honours list with her wife Helen, becoming the first same-sex couple to be named on the same list.

Using her prominence as an athlete as a force for good, Kate passionately leads the conversation surrounding LGBT+ rights and representation. Committed to empowering the LGBT+ community, Kate ensures that more people are accepting of diversity. Also campaigning for LGBT+ inclusion in sports, Kate has formerly spoken at the Rainbow Laces Summit and shown her support for the community on a global scale. When looking for a highly successful and powerful female LGBT+ speaker for your Pride event, Kate Richardson-Walsh is a fantastic choice.

“We feel like the conference went well and Kate was definitely a big part of that! Her talk was inspiring, motivating and very emotional (in a good way). The reactions we got after her talk were all super positive. Please tell her that the entire of Intuo is a bit in love with her.”Emiel, Intuo

Dame Kelly Holmes

A retired middle-distance British athlete who claimed Olympic Gold in the 1500m, Dame Kelly Holmes has lived with a secret for many years. Having formerly been a member of the British Army, serving as an HGV Driver in the Women’s Royal Army Corps, Kelly was forced to keep her sexuality a secret. Having struggled with her mental health during her service, severely depressed and turning to self-harm, Kelly made the brave decision to come out as gay in 2022 – having lived 34 years in silence. Fearing the discrimination she would receive due to her sexuality, Kelly finally felt comfortable using her platform to help others that are struggling with their identity or sexuality.

When booked as an inspirational female LGBT+ speaker, Kelly ensures there is not a dry eye in sight with her emotive and moving story. Encompassing LGBT+ awareness, mental health and wellbeing, Kelly’s stories empower others to be their true selves. Currently, Kelly is working on the Being Me documentary, in which she will speak to other LGBT+ soldiers and discover their experiences in the Army as opposed to her experience in the 1990s. If you are looking for a strong LGBT+ speaker who will share her journey authentically and powerfully, look no further than Dame Kelly Holmes.

“It was fabulous – she is a such a lovely woman and the energy from the audience was fantastic, they all loved her and bless her she was mobbed afterwards for photos and chats and she had time for everyone, really couldn’t have asked for a better guest for our first live event – she has set the bar high.”Sky

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