Natasha Graziano

Ranked the No.1 Female Motivational Speaker Under 40 by Forbes Magazine, No.1 Female Mindset Coach & Author of Be It Until You Become It

  • Host of The Law Of Attraction Podcast – 100m views
  • Recognised as one of the Top 10 Podcasts to Download in 2021
  • Creator of Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity (MBS)
  • Featured in the New York Times, Business Insider, Marie Claire, Vogue, Forbes and Harper’s Bazaar

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Become It Until You Become It Natasha Graziano
Be It Until You Become It

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Have More Impact, Influence and Income
Your Network Is Your Net Worth
Your Network Is Your Net Worth
Unlock Your Higher Mind Faculties with Meditation
Discover How to Tell Your Irresistible Story
Become a Recognised Expert
Effortlessly Magnetise Your Dream Clients
Success Mindset
Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome
How Corporate Teams Can Increase Engagement and Build Winning Teams
How to Get You/Your Brand on Top Podcasts and Have a Top-Rated Podcast
Master Public Speaking Access Your Full Potential
The 5 Pillars to Achieving Your Goals Faster with Natasha’s Proven MBS Method
Live Essential Activation Exercise
Access Your Higher Mind Faculties
Unlock the Power of Your Brain
Access Your Full Potential

Natasha Graziano is one of the most recognisable female motivational speakers and mindset coaches of the current age. A successful businesswoman, she now has a multi-million pound enterprise after once spiralling into thousands of pounds worth of debt. She is also known as the creator of Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity, and educates her audiences on how to have a successful mindset to manifest their goals.

Once a successful model, Natasha found herself homeless with a young child after accumulating debt. First by changing her mindset, Natasha’s situation soon began to turn around as she slowly worked herself out of debt. Today, Natasha is devoted to helping transform people’s lives through neuroscience and ancient wisdom with her Meditational Behavioural Synchronicity method. Natasha became a best-selling author with her book: Be It Until You Become It: The Law of Attraction Explained Through Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom, in which, she explains to her readers how to change their mindset and remove their own mental barriers, thus empowering her readers and helping them become successful.

Not only a best-selling author, Natasha has become one of the most influential and sought-after figures on social media. From TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, she has gained an online following of over 19 million, with 153.1 million likes on TikTok alone. The host of the Law of Attraction podcast, Natasha has accumulated over 100 million views online, covering topics such as public speaking top tips, healing yourself, how to deal with failure and many more. It is understandable, then, that her podcast was recognised as one of the Top 10 Podcasts to Download in 2021. Named by LA Weekly as one of the top 10 keynote speakers, Natasha has been amongst the industry’s biggest names such as Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Natasha has many other honours to her name, including: ranked the #1 female mindset coach & life coach to the stars, ranked the #1 female motivational speaker under 40 as seen in Forbes and #1 Mindset Coach in the UK as ranked by LA Weekly. She has been in numerous top international publications including: The New York Times, Wealth Insider, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Business Insider, Vogue, Forbes, Elle, Entrepreneur, and many more.

Besides being a businesswoman, mindset coach, motivational speaker and author, Natasha is also on the advisory board for Pencils Of Promise (PoP) – her charity work has helped children in Central America, Asia and Africa receive the quality education they deserve. A revered and inspirational strong woman, with helping people being her forefront motivation, there is no doubt Natasha is the motivational speaker you need today to help unlock your full potential.

Official Testimonials

Natasha Graziano is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“From hearing you speak over the last few months, you have opened my mind and my heart to help reposition so many thoughts. You help me understand that love is energy, and that energy is not meant to be interpreted, just felt. Thank you for freeing my heart and helping me feel the greatness within all of us. I am forever grateful.”

Dan, President, Fitness on the Go

“Natasha is a compassionate thought leader who’s consistently delivering value. I get supercharged and feel good listening to her interviews. It’s easy to connect to her energy because she’s so grounded. Thanks Natasha!”


“Natasha, until I read your book the only self-help book I ever recommended to anyone was this one. Now I have two, and the interesting (and possibly not surprising) thing is they tell a similar message in a slightly different ways. I think your way of writing and getting your message over will resonate with the people that really need help. It’s small steps that make a big difference. Every teenager needs to read your book”

Chris, Oscar Award-Winning Producer

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