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Your Ultimate Guide To Booking A Female Motivational Speaker

From the gender pay gap to discrimination and bias, the workplace can be a challenging place for female professionals. To tackle the current culture, female motivational speakers are booked to educate workplaces on prejudice, improving inclusion across industries.

By 2025, the UK Government wants 20% of FTSE 350 board-level executive directors to be female, indicating the direction of gender equality in business. Stay ahead of the curve with one of our empowering female speakers, who will drive inclusion within your workplace.

We have compiled an ultimate guide to booking a speaker for your event, making it easier than ever to hire a champion of female representation:

Source: https://www.cipd.co.uk/news-views/viewpoint/gender-equality-work

Book a Female Speaker: Step-By-Step Process

Want an inspiring female speaker to attend your event? Follow our simple guide:

Step 1: Consider Your Event’s Requirements

The first step to organising any event is to consider your requirements. From the theme, venue and target audience to your specific budget, make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of your event.

If you are organising a webinar, do not miss our free Ultimate Virtual Event Planning Checklist!

Step 2: Browse Our Website

Once you have a clear vision of your event, we would now recommend browsing our website. Organised by categories, our site has the UK’s most comprehensive list of female speakers available for events.

Each speaker has their own profile, which documents their career, achievements and why they would make the perfect addition to your event. Make sure to also watch their videos and read their speaking topics and testimonials!

Step 3: Contact The Female Motivational Speakers Agency

Now you have a couple of female speakers in mind and know your event’s requirements, contact The Female Motivational Speakers Agency to kickstart the booking stage.

With your budget in mind, either call or email our team via our online contact form and include your brief. A booking agent will receive the request and be in touch.

To help us quickly source the perfect female speakers for your event, we recommend including your budget, event location, date and theme in your initial message.

Step 4: Choose Your Speaker

Following a brief discussion, a booking agent will supply a selection of speakers for you to choose from, each within your budget.

As leading professionals in the industry, we have a wide network of female speakers on our contact list, available to attend your event.

Step 5: Complete Required Documents

To secure your speaker, we will need you to complete some essential documents. These have been perfected over years in the industry, and ensure that the speaker attends your event on time and well prepared.

If you require transport or accommodation for your speaker, we will gladly organise such logistics – just another addition to our seamless booking service.

Speaking Topics & Event Themes for 2021

Discover the most popular topics on gender inclusivity in 2021:

Women At Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a new era in the workplace. With more employees than ever working from home, how can you ensure your female staff are supported, particularly while juggling motherhood? Our speakers can relate to the businesswomen in your team, to empower independence and confidence.

Female Mental Health

Female mental health, including wellbeing in mothers, young girls and businesswomen suffering workplace bias, continues to be a vital topic of conversation. Female speakers specialising in wellbeing are essential for discussing mental health in women.

COVID-19 & Gender Inequality

Women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, due to the vast number working in “Covid-hit sectors”. This has increased job insecurity, affecting mental health and financial stability. Female motivational speakers can support hard-hit women through such a challenging period.

Source: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/society/20210225STO98702


In the workplace, the underrepresentation of female professionals continues to perpetuate age-old bias. Female speakers can relate to the hardships faced by businesswomen in male-dominated environments, improving workplace representation. For the women in your team to thrive, hire a powerful female speaker who can inspire determination.

Gender Allyship

The fight for gender equality does not start and end with women, men and non-binary allies must also support the cause. At events, inspiring female speakers encourage audiences of all genders to strive for equality, both in and out of the workplace. Empower acts of allyship within your business, with a female speaker.

Key Dates to Recognise

A meaningful way to empower your female employees is to recognise one of the following key dates in the inclusion calendar:

Through informative and insightful events, you can teach your workforce the importance of female representation, gender equality and discuss discrimination through history. Female motivational speakers are the ideal additions to these events, as they have each broken into male-dominated environments and can recount such experiences.

Our Top Pick of Inspirational Female Speakers

Discover our top pick of female speakers available to book for your event:

Whether you require a sporting star or a businesswoman, a politician or a campaigner, our website features the very best in female motivation. Contact our team today to hire your perfect speaker.

Book a Female Motivational Speaker

To enquire about a female motivational speaker for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via our online contact form or call a booking agent on 0203 9158 282.

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