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Top 16 Female Motivational Speakers to Inspire Your Employees

Female speakers have the insight and experience to empower employees of all genders, particularly women. Though women exhibit more leadership qualities than men – like being 61% more inspiring and 57% better at decision-making – they are still overlooked in the workplace. These speakers aim to challenge this reality through their speeches. 

In our latest post, we have listed the top female motivational speakers available to book for your internal corporate event. 

Jessica Ennis-Hill 

Olympic Gold Medal-Winning Track Athlete 

Jessica Ennis-Hill is a powerful female speaker whose insight into ‘Going for Gold’ encourages corporate audiences to achieve their goals. Her speeches feature anecdotes from her Heptathlon career, which are guaranteed to entertain at internal business events.  

What can Jessica discuss at corporate events? 

Going for Gold – Having succeeded in her sport, Jessica empowers female audiences to step out of their comfort zones and achieve their goals.  

Katie Piper 

Acid Attack Survivor & Wellbeing Campaigner 

One of the most famous female public speakers, Katie Piper is in high-demand at corporate events. Her message of workplace wellbeing resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, and teaches senior figures the importance of cultivating a positive workplace culture.  

What can Katie discuss at corporate events? 

Workplace Wellbeing – Katie overcame personal hurdles when she survived an acid attack; now, she is teaching corporate audiences how to do the same.  

Lauren Paton

CEO of Unleashed Coaching & Former Head Of Content Launch Marketing At Amazon

After succeeding in several high-profile corporate roles, Lauren Paton turned her attention to coaching, and is now the CEO of Unleashed Coaching. At events, she helps female audiences to embrace their unique skills, like empathy and compassion, which she believes to be critical for corporate success.

What can Lauren discuss at corporate events?

Female Empowerment – Lauren is passionate amount empowering professional women. She teaches corporate audiences the power of gender inclusion, particularly in the workplace.

Penny Power OBE 

Founder of the 1st Business Social Network, Ecademy  

As an entrepreneur, Penny Power has experienced ambition and burnout and the need to learn about Mental Fitness. Penny speaks on the power and culture of community and the desire for individuals to take personal responsibility for their own mental fitness.

What can Penny discuss at corporate events? 

Entrepreneurship – Penny teaches internal business teams how an entrepreneurial mindset leads to innovation, creativity and risk-management. 

Sarah Armstrong-Smith 

Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft 

Listed in the Most Influential Women in UK Tech and the Most Influential Women in Cybersecurity, Sarah Armstrong-Smith has transformed female representation in technology. Her speeches inspire female audiences to shatter glass ceilings in their own industries.  

What can Sarah discuss at corporate events? 

Female Representation in STEM – A pioneer of equality in technology, Sarah encourages representation at corporate events.  

Jo Fairley 

Founder of Green & Blacks Chocolate 

As the co-founder of Green & Blacks, the award-winning chocolate brand, Jo Fairley is a highly-respected female business speaker.  

What can Jo discuss at corporate events? 

Ethical Business – With a passion for sustainability, Jo delves into corporate social responsibility at internal business events.  

Tanni Grey-Thompson 

11-Time Paralympic Gold Medallist & Life Peer 

One of the top female speakers available to book, Tanni Grey-Thompson’s intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion champions change. She speaks on teamwork and leadership for a diverse workplace, leading to improved workplace inclusivity.  

What can Tanni discuss at corporate events? 

Teamwork & Leadership – Tanni teaches corporate audiences the power of teamwork and leadership, particularly within diverse workplaces. 

Nicky Moffat 

Highest-Ranking Woman in the British Army 

If you are interested in female leadership speakers, look no further than Nicky Moffat. As the highest ranking woman in the British army, she developed key skills in leading under pressure and inclusive teamwork. 

What can Nicky discuss at corporate events? 

Female Leadership – Speaking from her military experience, Nicky transforms the quality of leadership at corporate events, by first empowering female senior figures.   

Mandy Hickson 

2nd Woman to Fly a Tornado GR4 on the Front Line 

Mandy Hickson was the only female member of her RAF Frontline Tornado Squadron, an experience that taught her valuable skills in resilience and determination. At events, she teaches corporate audiences how to perform under immense pressure.  

What can Mandy discuss at corporate events? 

Risk Management – Mandy explores the skills needed to thrive under pressure in a corporate environment, including teamwork, leadership and self-motivation. 

Kelly Holmes 

Multi Gold Medal-Winning Olympic Athlete 

Kelly Holmes made a name for herself as an athletics champion, winning Gold medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships. Since her retirement, Kelly now teaches audiences how to set business goals that both challenge them and protect their mental wellbeing. 

What can Kelly discuss at corporate events? 

Goal Setting – At internal corporate events, Kelly teaches audiences how to set practical yet challenging goals, and ways to achieve such goals through peak performance.  

Helen Sharman 

UK’s First Astronaut in Space  

When Helen Sharman became the first female European astronaut in space, she changed the course of STEM representation. Now one of the top female motivational speakers available for corporate events, she demonstrates the importance of change management and adaptability.   

What can Helen discuss at corporate events? 

Change Management – After adapting to life back on earth, Helen shows corporate audiences how to manage change in the workplace.  

Bonita Norris 

Former Youngest British Woman to Summit Mount Everest 

Speaking on mental wellbeing and determination in the workplace, extreme climber, Bonita Norris, is a powerful addition to corporate events. Her exciting anecdotes demonstrate the power of female resilience, and how business leaders can unlock their employees’ potential.  

What can Bonita discuss at corporate events? 

Resilience in the Workplace – Having scaled Mount Everest, Bonita is a leading expert on mental resilience in the face of adversity. She discusses this topic at corporate events.  

Nicola Adams 

1st Female & LGBTQ+ Olympic Boxing Gold Medallist  

Nicola Adams made history when she became the first female and openly LGBTQ+ boxer to win Olympic Gold. At corporate events, she reveals the mindset needed to shatter glass ceilings in business, as she has done in sport.  

What can Nicola discuss at corporate events? 

Equal Opportunities – Focusing on racial and gender equality, Nicola promotes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Malala Yousafzai 

Youngest Ever Winner of the Nobel Prize  

A true survivor, Malala Yousafzai is the embodiment of female strength. Following an attack by the Taliban, she continued to fight for gender equality in education, a passion she now instils in corporate audiences at events.   

What can Malala discuss at corporate events? 

Inspirational Women – The pinnacle of female strength, Malala empowers and inspires audiences with her story of determination in the face of sexism.  

Stella Rimington 

1st Female Director General of MI5 

Stella Rimington is an unforgettable motivational female speaker. She was the first female Director General of MI5, a position from which she changed the face of the security service. Now a popular addition to events, Stella empowers audiences of all genders.  

What can Stella discuss at corporate events? 

Shattering Glass Ceilings – Having thrived in a male-dominated environment, Stella encourages female audiences to see their potential and challenge the status quo. 

Justine Roberts 

Founder & Chief Executive of Mumsnet 

Named as one of the Most Powerful Women in the UK, Justine Roberts talks extensively on women in business. Her public speeches take audiences on a journey through her career, including the highs and lows of launching a start-up.  

What can Justine discuss at corporate events? 

Women in Business – Justine changed the landscape of parenting advice with Mumsnet. She now empowers female employees to share their innovative and creative ideas at work.  

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