Kate Hardcastle

Founder of Passion Marketing & Branding Consultancy, Founding Partner of Inspire with Passion & Trustee of the Diana Awards

  • Broadcaster for Rock ‘n’ Roll Business
  • Contributor to Forbes
  • Founder of Indie Business Live
  • Ambassador of WeMindTheGap
  • Vice President of the Yorkshire Society

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The Unstoppable Advancement of Digital Commerce
Activating a Borderless Economy
Omnichannel Retailing 2020-23: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Meeting Consumer Expectations Around Convenience
Upcycled Products & the Circular Economy
Building a Modern Brand
Meeting Heightened Consumer Expectations
Building Unified Retail Experiences
Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Kate Hardcastle MBE stands out in the world of motivational speaking, not just for her impressive credentials as a leading business expert and astute commentator on consumer insights, but for the dynamic energy and profound wisdom she brings to every keynote address. Known affectionately as ‘The Customer Whisperer,’ Kate’s reputation precedes her, built on a solid foundation of unique brand knowledge and a prolific presence in British television since 2017. Her invaluable insights, particularly in retail turnaround and the creation of formidable consumer brands, make her an in-demand figure at various events, where she eloquently delves into diverse subjects ranging from the intricacies of digital commerce to the art of crafting unforgettable retail experiences and the power of strategic alliances.

Kate’s journey to becoming a revered figure in consumer expertise began with roles that deeply immersed her in the world of marketing and consumer behaviour. With a career foundation as the Head of Marketing for Jay-Be, followed by strategic positions at Silentnight Group and Timothy Oulton, she refined her skills and entrepreneurial acumen. This path led her to establish Passion Marketing & Branding Consultancy and co-found Inspire with Passion in 2009, platforms through which she has been transforming businesses with her unparalleled insight. Beyond her consultancy roles, Kate’s influence extends to broadcasting, with notable stints as a Reporter for ITV1’s The End of the High Street and as a Contributor to Forbes, solidifying her status as the UK’s premier consumer expert.

However, Kate Hardcastle’s impact is not confined to the realms of commerce and media. She has also made significant strides in philanthropy and advocacy, founding The Charity Dreamgirls and Positive Image Month, initiatives focused on fostering self-confidence and positive self-image. Her commitment to social causes is further evidenced by her roles as Vice President of the Yorkshire SocietyFounder of the Women in Sport Conference, and Ambassador for both Women in Sport and WeMindTheGap, among others. This aspect of her career, rich with purpose and service, makes her story even more compelling and inspirational, a narrative that has been rightfully recognized with accolades including the Prime Minister’s Point of Light Award and an MBE, establishing her as a role model in both business and altruism.

In the sphere of motivational speaking, Kate’s contributions are particularly noteworthy. Her engagements, which have included prestigious events like The Business Show, the Entrepreneurs Conference, and the International Jewellery Show, highlight her adaptability and extensive knowledge. Kate’s speeches are a tour de force, covering an array of pertinent topics such as the role of women in strategic alliances, the nuances of consumer behaviour, talent development strategies, and the evolution of digital commerce. Her insights on the circular economy and the intricacies of modern brand building are not just informative but transformative, making her an indispensable keynote speaker for any event. Hiring Kate Hardcastle MBE is not just an opportunity for an event to glean profound business and marketing insights; it’s an opportunity to be inspired and motivated by a woman whose career embodies success, wisdom, and benevolence.

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“Kate is the ultimate professional. With a serious amount of knowledge, coupled with the ability to debate the industry’s biggest trends and challenges, she was the perfect host for Seamless Europe this year”

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