Isha Datar

Executive Director of New Harvest & Pioneer of Cellular Agriculture

  • Co-Founder & founding Institutional Partner of Clara Foods & Perfect Day
  • Former Director’s Fellow of MIT Media Lab
  • Former Policy Associate for GlaxoSmithKline
  • Former Research Assistant at the University of Alberta
  • BSc in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Alberta

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The Future of Food
Re-Thinking Meat
From Animal Farm to Science Lab: The High Tech Future of Food

Isha Datar is a pioneer of cellular agriculture, currently the Executive Director of New Harvest– a research institute building support for cellular agriculture. Identifying a lack of funding channels, Isha has made it her mission to create funding for the sector and create animal products without the animals. Having spearheaded a male-dominated STEM industry, Isha is now booked as a female motivational speaker who inspires other women to pursue STEM careers and investigate the high-tech future of food.

Isha is the co-founder of Perfect Day and Clara Foods– both companies that supported pre-competitive research of her sector. Now the Director of New Harvest, Isha is at the helm of strategically funding and conducting research that is reinventing the future of animal products, creating animal-based products without animals. Isha has also been a Policy Associate for GlaxoSmithKline, where she assessed policy issues and developed her sound knowledge of science and analytics.

Other prominent roles of Isha’s include being a Research Assistant at the University of Alberta, a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and a Director’s Fellow of the MIT Media Lab. In her role as Director’s Fellow, Isha was part of the initiative to catalyse cutting edge technology, ideas and innovation developments to tackle global challenges. She is also widely known for publishing Possibilities for an In-Vitro Meat Production System article in the Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies journal. Having made milk without cows and eggs without chickens, Isha is a revolutionary figure in the high-tech future of food.

Having also achieved a BSc in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Isha is now booked as a female motivational speaker to inspire audiences with her expertise in cellular agriculture. Having revolutionised the food industry with her innovative no animal products, Isha has paved the way for other budding female scientists and has proven that women are equally capable in male-dominated STEM sectors. A seasoned speaker, Isha has previously delivered the TEDx talk Re-Thinking Meat and is commended in her work as a thought partner, visionary and advisor. When looking for a female STEM role model, Isha Datar is a fantastic choice as a speaker for events.

Official Testimonials

Isha Datar is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Isha has been a thought partner, advisor and co-visionary as we set out to transform the way the world eats. What I admire the most about Isha is her tactful boldness. She is not afraid to shake things up. To turn things on their head. To question convention. And she does so with poise, honesty and humility. A true and gifted visionary. I am delighted to be her ally in this movement”

Arturo, CEO, Clara Foods

“Isha was instrumental in getting Muufri off the ground. Her expertise in biology, emerging food technologies, communications and networking were so valuable to us that I don’t hesitate for a second to say that we would not exist without her. This woman is going to change the world- I’d say she already is. She’s also incredibly fun, engaging and down to earth. Can’t say enough good things about Isha!”

Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO, Perfect Day

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