Gina Battye

Psychological Safety & LGBTQ+ Inclusion Consultant, Panellist for ITV News Diversity & Inclusion & Creator of The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety

  • Creator of the Diagnostic Tool ‘Lux’
  • Featured in publications such as Forbes, The Telegraph, and BBC Radio
  • Awarded Speaker of the Year and Finalist at the National Diversity Awards

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How to Beat the Biscuit Tin Blues
How to Beat the Biscuit Tin Blues

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Psychological Safety
LGBT+ Inclusion In The Workplace
Mindful & Authentic Leadership
Developing LGBT Leaders

Gina Battye is not just another voice in the crowd; she is a force of change in the realm of psychological safety and LGBTQ+ inclusion. With a strong drive, she’s championing a bold mission to persuade the UK Government to engrain psychological safety within workplace legislation. This isn’t about mere compliance; it’s about metamorphosing workplaces into sanctuaries where every individual, irrespective of their identity, can genuinely thrive. Imagine a space where everyone feels empowered to be themselves, without fear or prejudice – this is the world Gina envisions and ardently works towards.

Her advocacy emerges from a deeply personal space. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Gina has firsthand experience of the nuances, pressures, and challenges unique to the community, especially in the workplace setting. This understanding, combined with her impressive 25-year track record of working with global giants such as AstraZeneca, Barclays, NHS, Vodafone, and the Ministry of Defence among many others, gives her an unparalleled insight. Moreover, her association with media companies around the world showcases her dedication to authentic representation, ensuring that the stories told reflect genuine experiences.

Yet, Gina’s prowess doesn’t stop at lived experiences and collaboration with top-tier organisations. She’s formulated a groundbreaking blueprint – The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety. Implemented worldwide, this approach provides companies with a tangible framework to develop psychologically safe environments. Complementing this, the Diagnostic Tool ‘Lux’ gives a clear snapshot of the psychological safety and health of an organisation, as perceived by its employees. It’s not just about identifying the gaps, but also offering actionable insights to bridge them. With these tools, Gina ensures that every workplace becomes a space where individuals feel free and safe to bring their entire selves, with all their diverse facets, to work each day.

As a leading authority in her field, Gina’s impact has been widely recognised. Not only has she earned the coveted ‘Speaker of the Year’ award, but her programmes have enjoyed 12 years of continuous acclaim. Garnering an audience reach of over 10 million a week, her influence cannot be overstated. As a trusted voice for the BBC, an active panellist for ITV News Diversity & Inclusion, and a prolific writer featured in eminent publications like Forbes, The Telegraph, and BBC Radio, her contributions are ubiquitous. But what truly stands out is her spirit: Gina is a beacon of authenticity and change, fearlessly standing up, speaking out, and advocating for inclusivity. Through her, many lives have changed, and many more will, as she continues to weave her magic, blending world-class training with invaluable hindsight.

Official Testimonials

Gina Battye is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Gina was a guest speaker at an event in AstraZeneca. Gina delivered an interactive conversation on the topic of bringing your whole self to work and LGBT inclusion. The feedback was extremely positive and I would highly recommend working with Gina on any corporate event relating to inclusion, diversity and LGBT topics.”


“Gina was great.  We loved her enthusiasm, passion and energy.  Very collaborative process.  Felt she really listened to what we were trying to achieve and do.  She obviously does a lot of public speaking, which sometimes might come a bit repetitive for her, but we never got that impression, she was there on the day with full gusto and engagement.  It was really enjoyable working with her, you automatically feel happier in her company. She was organised, clear and pragmatic. If opportunity arises, we certainly would welcome working with Gina again!”


“Gina is a force to be reckoned with in her field. Her work is still referenced by senior leaders and managers as the go-to guide, towards creating a more inclusive and psychologically safe workplace for LGBTQ+ employees. The 2 modules she created on psychological safety and LGBTQ + support in the workplace, together with the time she spent with our executive team running sessions on inclusive leadership have been invaluable. We continue to use her modules as part of OSTC’s onboarding program. Her passion, delivery and work ethic is admirable and inspiring.”

Faizah, Head of D&I and Talent Development, OSTC

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