Scarlett V Clark

CEO of Smart Girl Tribe and Host of Smart Girl Tribe Podcast

  • Author of “Smart Girls Handbook: How to Silence Self-Doubt, Find Your Purpose and Redefine the Impossible”
  • Female empowerment expert for Harvard University
  • Ambassador for NSPCC
  • UK delegate for the United Nations

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The Smart Girls Handbook

Scarlett V Clark stands as a beacon of hope and motivation for countless young women worldwide, ardently urging them to embrace their intrinsic strength and stride confidently into the vastness of their potential. As the leading female empowerment expert, Scarlett doesn’t just speak about empowerment; she embodies it. Holding the esteemed title of CEO of Smart Girl Tribe, which has earned its stripes as the premier female empowerment organisation in the UK, she tirelessly champions the cause of ensuring that every girl, irrespective of her background or circumstances, is equipped with the belief and confidence to chase and attain her dreams.

Scarlett’s book, “Smart Girls Handbook: How to Silence Self-Doubt, Find Your Purpose and Redefine the Impossible”, is not just a compilation of words, but a treasure trove of lived experiences, hard-won victories, and actionable insights. By sharing her journey filled with hurdles, breakthroughs, and revelations, Scarlett provides her readers with a tangible roadmap to success. The accolades that the book has garnered, such as being named WHSmith’s book of the month and UN Women’s book of the month, stand testament to its profound impact.

Through the Smart Girl Tribe podcast, Scarlett extends a comforting hand and a listening ear to women from all walks of life. She tackles a wide array of topics, ensuring that every listener, whether she’s an aspiring entrepreneur or someone seeking personal growth, finds solace, guidance, and motivation. What further sets Scarlett apart is her vast involvement and recognition in prestigious institutions and initiatives. As a female empowerment expert for Harvard University, an Ambassador for NSPCC, and a UK delegate for the United Nations, her influence and reach are indisputable. Scarlett’s insights are so highly revered that prominent publications such as Cosmopolitan, Stylist, the Metro, and the Daily Mail frequently feature her views.

Her collaboration with initiatives like HeforShe, where she worked alongside stalwarts like Emma Watson, and her engagements with the British Council, UN Women, the Houses of Parliament, and Women for Women, only enhance her credentials. A testament to her prowess as a speaker, Channel4 often seeks her perspective on pressing women’s issues. Scarlett V Clark is not just a speaker; she’s a movement in herself. An embodiment of resilience, determination, and passion, her words resonate deeply, inspiring change and action. For any event aiming to shed light on female empowerment, she is the voice that needs to be heard. Book her, and prepare to be enthralled by a powerhouse of inspiration.

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