Sara Cox

The World's First Professional Female Rugby Union Referee & Former Rugby Player for Saracens

  • The first woman to referee a Premiership Rugby Cup match
  • The first woman to referee a Premiership Rugby Union match
  • Professional Referee for the Rugby Football Union
  • Women’s Sevens & Fifteens Rugby Referee for World Rugby
  • Appointed MBE for Services to Rugby Union Football
  • Referee for the 2022 Rugby World Cup

Sara Cox stands as a quintessential figure for inspiration and empowerment, making her an ideal candidate as a female motivational speaker for events. Her journey in the Rugby Union, marked by groundbreaking achievements and resilience, offers a compelling narrative that resonates across various audiences. Sara’s rugby career, which transitioned from player to the world’s first female professional Rugby Union Referee, embodies determination and passion. Her experiences with teams like Saracens and Exeter have given her a unique perspective, both as a player and an official. This dual insight enriches her motivational speeches, offering audiences a comprehensive view of overcoming challenges and succeeding in a traditionally male-dominated domain.

Her journey is not just about personal achievements but also about breaking barriers and setting new standards in sports. Sara’s transition from a player to a referee was a pivot that demonstrated her adaptability and commitment to rugby. Sara’s tenure with World Rugby is a testament to her expertise and the respect she commands in the sport. Officiating at high-profile events like the Commonwealth Games, the Olympics, and the Women’s Rugby World Cup, she has shown exceptional skill and poise under pressure. These experiences, coupled with her pioneering roles in Premiership Rugby, provide a rich tapestry of stories and insights for her speeches. Sara’s accolades, including her appointment as MBE for Services to Rugby Union Football, underscore her significant contributions to the sport. Her career is a narrative of breaking glass ceilings and challenging norms, making her an inspirational figure, particularly for women aspiring to make their mark in male-dominated fields.

As a motivational speaker, Sara draws from her journey, sharing lessons on perseverance, breaking through barriers, and striving for equality – drawn from her experiences as being the first female referee of a Premiership Rugby Cup and Rugby Union match, and the first female to referee a Men’s Premiership Rugby match as the referee of the 2022 Rugby World Cup. Her ability to relate her experiences to broader themes of empowerment and resilience makes her a compelling and relatable figure for a range of audiences. Whether it’s a sports-themed event or a corporate gathering, Sara Cox’s story is not just about rugby; it’s about the power of ambition, the importance of resilience, and the impact of trailblazing women in every field.

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