Polly Williamson

6 X European Equestrian Champion & Survivor of Near-Fatal Brain Injury

  • Author of Where Did I Go?

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Where did I go?: Rediscovering My Identity, Lost After a Traumatic Brain Injury (Crumps Barn Studio Personal Memoir)
Where did I go?: Rediscovering My Identity, Lost After a Traumatic Brain Injury (Crumps Barn Studio Personal Memoir)

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Neuro Diverse
Mental Health
Overcoming brain trauma
Overcoming obstacles
Fighting back from injury

Polly Williamson is widely respected as a former European Riding Champion who has overcome adversity throughout her lifetime. After experiencing a nearly fatal accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury in 2011, Polly has needed to relearn how to walk, talk, and even think. Admired for her mental and physical resilience, she has devoted her ‘second life’ to educating audiences on the importance of recognising change and finding a new identity when necessary. When looking to hire an inspiring speaker to entertain audiences at your next event, do not hesitate to hire Polly today.

Not many people get to experience two lives in one lifetime, but Polly is among the few who experience this. Before her life-changing accident, she developed a remarkable equestrian career and won 6 gold European medals. Having developed a passion for riding at a young age, Polly set up and led a sustainable equestrian business in her late teens, allowing her to gain a respected reputation throughout the competitive industry. Admired by audiences globally, Polly was working her way up to become a leading authority in her field before experiencing a traumatising accident that resulted in a near-fatal brain injury in 2011.

Starting the decade-long journey from a coma back to her new life, Polly relearnt everything from walking and talking to feeling and thinking. Having faced hundreds of challenges during this period in her life, she developed a new work-life balance and identified how to accept her ‘neuro diverse’ state. An empowering figure, Polly is admired for her determination in the face of adversity, and positivity when life is difficult. Passionate to share her remarkable journey with audiences globally, Polly created her debut publication ‘Where Did I Go’ to educate audiences on the positive impact of taking a fresh outlook on life. Utilising her unique experience to motivate audiences, Polly has become a must-see speaker for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Today, as an inspirational speaker, Polly is renowned for addressing important topics such as mental health, resilience, overcoming obstacles, and fighting back from injury. Utilising her experiences to bring a fresh perspective of success to the business community, Polly’s positive and humorous presence at events has become a one-of-a-kind experience. When looking to hire a passionate, heart-warming speaker to attend your future events, look no further than Polly today.

Official Testimonials

Polly Williamson is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Everyone felt it was a safe space to discuss their own as well and open up so freely to discuss things – that is something you made so special and I know we will want to more of these and not just for women! I am so glad you found the experience as useful, and you did so well with the on the spot questions as well – great job. I know we will be in touch and I am sure there will now be a que wanting to use your talents! Thank you again.”

Janine, NatWest

“Polly’s engaging account of her story told with great conviction, plenty of humour and, at times, disarming honesty, made a very positive impact on our students. She did not hide the difficulties and challenges that she had encountered and continues to encounter but the resilience that Polly has shown, and the obstacles that she has overcome, cannot fail but to inspire those who hear her. She makes all things seem possible with the right mindset and determination and her lack of any self-pity sharpens the listeners’ focus on what is possible rather than what is hard to achieve. I highly recommend Polly as a speaker.”

Emma, Downe School

“Polly’s talk on overcoming trauma and the path to rebuilding a full, if different life, is nothing short of inspirational! Her honest and very open description of her life before her accident, her injuries and then her battle towards recovery is delivered in a simple, clear and accessible way that anyone could understand and relate to. At no point does she ever let self-pity cloud her story and one is left with a very clear message that life will throw problems at you and if you want to survive you need to be grateful for what you have, build on that belief and then set incremental goals that you can succeed at. In a world where we, as a society, seem very keen to look for sympathy in adversity I was greatly impressed by the lack of this in Polly’s talk and found genuine motivation in it’s focus on courage, “gritting your teeth to meet the next challenge” and never giving up. Having taken my family to see Polly’s talk I’m very glad I did as it’s not just a “light” for those recovering from an injury but it’s a “handbook” for us all in dealing with and overcoming hardship, holding on to hope and showing courage on the path to success.”

Mark, Boeing

“The event yesterday with Polly was fantastic. Polly’s story touched all those who attended and was truly inspiring. I loved how she made the event personal to JDE too. Big thanks from me”

JDE Coffee

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