Dr. Nothabo Ncube

Founder of the Esther Foundation, Former Coach & Mentor at Eranic & Winner of the SILVER for the category Rising Star in the Women Changing The World Awards

  • Project Event Coordinator at Women of Influencer Inc.
  • Winner of the GOLD for the category Women in Medicine in the Women Changing The World Awards
  • Selected as Top 100 Black Women To Watch In Canada
  • Selected as Top 4 Immigrant Women Of Inspiration/Influencers in Canada

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Turning Pain into Purpose, turning struggles into strength
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Breaking The Conscious & Unconscious Biases
Overcoming Adversities
Mental Health Awareness and Healing
Girl Child, Women Empowerment
Discovering the power of your vulnerable truth and embodying your essence
UBUNTU: Harnessing the Power of I AM because YOU ARE & Principles for Social Advocacy

Nothabo Ncube, affectionately known as Dr. Thabo, is an emblem of resilience and hope, making waves as a TEDx Speaker, coach, and millennial mentor. Her journey, marked by overcoming formidable personal and professional challenges, has become a beacon of inspiration for audiences worldwide. Her poignant narrative, shared on the prestigious TEDx stage and through appearances on Global News TV, has catalysed a significant shift in the motivational speaking realm. For event planners seeking a speaker who embodies passion and transformative power, Nothabo stands as the quintessential choice.

The loss of her mother at the age of 14 became a pivotal moment for Nothabo, setting her on a path of promise and perseverance. She vowed at her mother’s deathbed to pursue a career in medicine—a promise that propelled her from the community housing of Toronto, Canada, to notable roles within the medical field, including an internship at St. Michael’s Hospital and a position as a Lab Technician at Sanofi Pasteur. This journey from adversity to accomplishment not only fulfils a personal vow but also serves as a powerful narrative of resilience, captivating and motivating audiences across various platforms.

In 2017, Nothabo embarked on a mission to kindle hope and advocate for change by founding the Esther Foundation. As a Career Strategist and Youth Mentor, she has designed mentorship programs aimed at empowering women to uncover their passions and cultivate a new generation of conscious female leaders. Her initiatives have notably impacted the lives of over 50 women across four countries, underscoring her role as a cherished professional. Her engagements, including participation in the Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass and delivering a TEDx Talk titled ‘An Inspirational Story of Hope, Faith, and Grace’, highlight her commitment to fostering hope and transformation.

Nothabo Ncube’s stature as a motivational keynote speaker has garnered international acclaim, making her a preferred choice for speaking engagements around the globe. Her contributions have been recognised with several accolades, such as the Women Changing the World Award and the Black Woman Leader Award Canada, besides being listed among the Top 4 Immigrant Women of Inspiration/Influencers in Canada. Her compelling story and dynamic presence on stage make her an indispensable asset for any event aimed at championing diversity and inclusion, solidifying her reputation as a distinguished figure in the world of motivational speaking.

Official Testimonials

Dr. Nothabo Ncube is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“When I heard Dr. Thabo’s story, I knew instantly that she had to be part of our TEDx St Lawrence College line up. Her heartwarming, compelling and awe inspiring story moved the audience to tears. She has a powerful presence on stage and a natural skill to connect with her audience. Her ability to tell her story and encourage others to follow their dream was encouraging and motivating. She touched so many people in the audience and reminded all of us to keep going even when the odds are against us.”

“Dr. Nothabo Ncube’s keynote presentation was an absolute standout, leaving a profound impact on the audience. Her insights were not just enlightening but also thought-provoking. Dr. Ncube’s ability to engage and captivate the audience was truly impressive. Her clear communication style and eloquence made the content accessible and relatable to diverse backgrounds within the audience. Beyond her expertise, Dr. Ncube exuded a genuine enthusiasm for her subject matter, sparking inspiration among the attendees. Overall, Dr. Ncube’s keynote was an exceptional experience, leaving a lasting impression.”

“Dr. Thabo and I met years ago for the first time at the “Fearless One Woman Summit” where she was speaking. I felt an instant connection with her as she spoke. Through this time we have gotten to know each other well. Her dedication to her craft, her passion and staying in her purpose is unwavering. Her confidence and authority on stage captures your attention the moment she starts to speak. This young woman is going to effect a big change in her lifetime.”

“I had the opportunity to attend the annual Business Leadership Banquet at St. Augustine Catholic High School – fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society, where I was deeply moved by Dr. Nothabo Ncube’s presentation. With her genuine spirit, inspiring journey and commitment to turning dreams into reality, Dr. Thabo is a true role model with empowering messages that resonate with all demographics, especially young girls. I wholeheartedly recommend her, and I feel grateful to have experienced such an authentic and inspiring keynote. Thank you Dr. Thabo.”

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