Kelly Armatage

CEO of Kelly Armatage Inc.

  • Delivered TEDx Talk “3 Steps to Change”
  • Creator of the A.S.K. Technique
  • Conducted over 15,000 transformational 1:1 sessions across the UK, Middle East and USA

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Emotional Intelligence
Successful Sales and Negotiations
Emotional Energy Management
Assertive Communication

Kelly Armatage is not just a name but an emblem of resilience, emotional intelligence, and transformative thinking in the realm of psychology and human behaviour. As a trained counsellor, coach, and cognitive behavioural therapist, she has pioneered paths that many shied away from, carving a niche that is both unique and deeply impactful. As the creator of the groundbreaking A Serenity Kit (A.S.K.), accredited by The International Coaching Federation, she has changed the narrative surrounding emotional wellbeing.

The story behind Kelly’s resolve is as poignant as it is powerful. Having endured the traumatic aftermath of two car accidents, nerve-wracking panic attacks, and episodes of depression, Kelly didn’t merely see challenges; she viewed them as stepping stones. These life-altering experiences steered her towards a purpose bigger than herself: to alleviate others’ emotional pain while nurturing her own healing journey. Her dedication has culminated in over 15,000 1:1 transformational sessions and a multitude of seminars across notable regions like the UK, Middle East, and USA.

The speaker circuit today reverberates with Kelly’s name, making her a sought-after choice for events centred on personal transformation and tapping into human potential. Her credentials extend beyond personal experiences; she’s a thought leader who has graced platforms like TEDx, sharing insights on her pioneering A.S.K. technique in a talk aptly titled “3 Steps to Change”. Her vast outreach is evident in her features across esteemed publications – from The Huffington Post to Fox News. Yet, what truly sets Kelly apart as a keynote speaker is her holistic approach. Her masterclasses are immersive experiences blending evidence-based techniques, real-world case studies, and engaging exercises. Attendees don’t just receive information; they undergo a transformation. Kelly aids in dismantling the chains of limiting beliefs, empowering individuals to transcend boundaries and set their sights on previously unimaginable goals.

Now, as the CEO of Kelly Armatage Inc., she stands as a beacon for emotional intelligence, well-being, and understanding the nuances of human behaviour. Corporates, conference organizers, and retreat planners recognise the weight her presence brings. Hiring Kelly isn’t about filling a speaker slot; it’s about gifting audiences with an experience that stirs the soul and ignites ambition. In a world desperately seeking authentic voices, Kelly is a breath of fresh air. Her journey, her technique, and her insights serve as a testament to what emotional intelligence, coupled with genuine passion, can achieve. By inviting her to present at your event, you don’t just get a speaker; you get an agent of change. Ensure your audience leaves not just informed but transformed. Choose Kelly Armatage.

Official Testimonials

Kelly Armatage is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Kelly’s approach and style worked really well for our culturally diverse team with varying levels of experience. Thanks Kelly”

Aon Insurance

“Excellent training, very well illustrated with lots of examples, the staff left inspired and with a lot of positive energy.”

Capital Club

“As a result of Kelly’s training our staff are much more positive and confident. We are organised and have a clear vision of the path ahead.”

Alia Flowers

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