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10 Exclusive Female Overcoming Adversity Speakers to Hire for Global Events

Overcoming adversity speakers inspire audiences by sharing personal stories of resilience, demonstrating how challenges can be transformed into stepping stones for growth. Take a look at our selection of exclusive overcoming adversity speakers, vetted in a poll by our happy clients!

Why is Overcoming Adversity Important?

Overcoming adversity is a cornerstone in the edifice of personal growth. Each challenge surmounted not only reinforces our resiliency but also enables us to face subsequent obstacles with greater confidence and less pain. Adversity propels us to seek support, reminding us of the interconnectedness of human experiences. It lays the foundation for post-traumatic growth, fostering a deeper appreciation of life, strengthening relationships and revealing unforeseen life paths. Furthermore, confronting adversity enhances our empathy, allowing us to better support others in similar situations. By reframing challenges, we harness the power of adversity to grow stronger, enriching our character and understanding of life.

Source: Saybrook University, Inc. & Bupa

How Can I Support People Experiencing Adversity?

Supporting those facing adversity requires a multifaceted approach. Encourage resilience by promoting a growth mindset and the importance of preparedness. Emphasise the power of positivity and the reframing of challenges, whilst also highlighting the importance of routine and discipline during tough times. Inspire focus on long-term goals, and advocate for continuous learning to boost confidence. Sharing tales of triumph over adversity can motivate, while fostering positive associations and encouraging accountability can instil a sense of empowerment. Techniques such as journaling offer therapeutic avenues, and maintaining a sense of humour can provide invaluable relief, proving that laughter is indeed a vital tool in adversity.

Source: Tony Robbins & Better Up

Top 10 Female Overcoming Adversity Speakers:

Below, The Female Motivational Speakers Agency have selected the top 10 exclusive female overcoming adversity speakers following official market research across 455 events. Take a look at our top overcoming adversity speakers, with the confidence of verified evaluations from our happy clients!

Malala Yousafzai

Verified Evaluation – 9.9/10

Malala Yousafzai, a symbol of resilience, emerged as a global voice for female education after surviving a Taliban assassination attempt. Her harrowing experience on October 9th 2012, catalysed her journey from a young activist to an international figure. As a speaker, Malala embodies overcoming adversity, inspiring audiences with her story of recovery and determination. Co-Founder of the Malala Fund, she’s not just a survivor, but a beacon of hope, encouraging women globally to assert their rights. Her education advocacy, recognised by her Nobel Peace Prize, emphasises her belief in knowledge as a transformative power. Malala’s compelling narrative and achievements make her an exemplary motivational speaker, especially in contexts of empowerment and human rights.

Susie Wolff

Verified Evaluation – 9.8/10

Susie Wolff, a trailblazer in the motorsports industry, is a testament to determination and breaking gender barriers. A former racing professional, she made history in 2014 as the first woman in 22 years to participate in a Formula One weekend. Transitioning from karting to elite racing leagues, she navigated the challenging terrains of a male-dominated field. Co-Founder of “Dare to Be Different”, Susie champions female empowerment in motorsports. Collaborating with initiatives like Girls on Track, she amplifies the call for women’s participation. Recognised with an MBE, Susie’s journey epitomises overcoming adversity, inspiring countless women to break through boundaries in male-dominated sectors.

Mandy Hickson

Verified Evaluation – 9.7/10

Mandy Hickson, an exemplar of resilience and ambition, epitomises overcoming adversity. Her journey, from failing initial RAF tests to soaring as the second woman to fly a Tornado GR4, highlights her tenacity. Beyond her aviation feats, Mandy’s impact as a motivational speaker is profound. She ignites a spirit of possibility in women striving to breach male-dominated realms, drawing from her own experiences in the RAF and as a working mother. Her initiatives, like “Inspiring Women for Work” and her book ‘An Officer, Not a Gentleman’ reinforce her commitment to female empowerment. Mandy’s insights on decision-making under duress and fostering self-assurance make her an invaluable resource, demonstrating that obstacles are surmountable.

Lauren Steadman

Verified Evaluation – 9.6/10

Lauren Steadman, a formidable Paratriathlete and swimmer, exemplifies the essence of resilience and triumph over adversity. Born without a lower right arm, Lauren defied limitations to amass three World Championship titles, six European Championship titles and a silver at the Rio 2016 Paralympics. Transitioning from swimming to paratriathlon upon a family member’s nudge, she garnered 21 gold and six silver medals, even breaking the World Record for the 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay. Lauren’s versatility spans beyond sports, shining as a TV personality on shows like Strictly Come Dancing. Now, as an overcoming adversity speaker, Lauren inspires countless, sharing her story of perseverance, strength and determination, urging others to chase their sporting dreams.

Penny Mallory

Verified Evaluation – 9.5/10

Penny Mallory, a former champion rally car driver, is a beacon of resilience and determination. Overcoming a tumultuous childhood and periods of homelessness, Penny channelled her grit to achieve global acclaim in rally driving, becoming the first woman to drive a Ford Focus World Rally Car and clinching the title of National Ladies Champion Rally Driver in 1993. Now, as an overcoming adversity speaker, Penny shares her journey of defiance against gender norms and life’s challenges. With a portfolio of engagements for giants like Microsoft and Coca-Cola, she continues to inspire many, emphasising mental toughness. Whether on the racetrack or addressing audiences, Penny’s message is clear: one can rise above any adversity with unwavering determination and strength.

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah

Verified Evaluation – 9.4/10

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, commonly known as Lady Phyll, is a beacon of hope in the fight for racial, gender and LGBTQ+ equality. As the Co-Founder of UK Black Pride, she has revolutionised spaces for marginalised communities, enabling them to celebrate their identity free from discrimination. From her early involvement in politics to her influential role with the Public and Commercial Services Union, Phyll has been an unwavering advocate for equal rights. Her commendable work with the Kaleidoscope Trust, aiming to create a safer world for all, exemplifies her dedication. Phyll Opoku-Gyimah’s journey is a testament to overcoming adversity. Growing up as a Black lesbian woman in the UK, she has navigated challenges tied to her race, gender and sexual orientation. Instead of succumbing, Phyll transformed adversity into advocacy. As an overcoming adversity speaker, Lady Phyll embodies resilience, teaching audiences how struggles can be channelled into creating lasting change.

Gina Battye

Verified Evaluation – 9.3/10

Gina Battye is a stalwart advocate for psychological safety and LGBTQ+ inclusion. Rising from personal experiences as an LGBTQ+ individual, she’s battled the unique challenges faced by the community, especially within the workplace. Her journey and her 25-year association with global entities fuel her vision of workplaces as sanctuaries of true self-expression. Gina’s revolutionary blueprint, ‘The 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety’ and the ‘Lux’ diagnostic tool, pave the path for this transformation. Her groundbreaking tools and initiatives are emblematic of turning adversity into an advantage. Instead of being stifled by challenges, Gina leveraged them, emerging as a beacon for those navigating similar adversities and exemplifying the resilience of the human spirit.

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Verified Evaluation – 9.2/10

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson is a name synonymous with resilience, determination and triumph. Born with spina bifida, Tanni defied limitations, rising as one of the UK’s most celebrated Paralympians. With a staggering 16 Paralympic medals, including 11 Golds, and 30 world records under her belt, her prowess in wheelchair racing remains unparalleled. Beyond the track, Tanni has conquered the London Marathon six times and championed causes close to her heart. A Life Peer since 2010, she’s a formidable voice in Parliament advocating for disability, sport and gender rights. As an overcoming adversity speaker, Tanni inspires globally, embodying empowerment, inclusivity and relentless motivation. Each medal she won and every record she set wasn’t just a mark of her athletic prowess but a symbol of triumph over the physical and societal limitations imposed on her.

Anita Asante

Verified Evaluation – 9.1/10

Anita Asante is not just an accomplished footballer, boasting over 70 caps for England and key roles in teams like Aston Villa and Arsenal; she is also a formidable advocate for equality and diversity. From her significant contributions to the London 2012 Olympic Games Team GB football squad to her recognitions like the Outstanding Achievement Award 2006, Anita has consistently demonstrated excellence. Beyond the pitch, she is an inspiration as an openly lesbian woman who champions the rights of the LGBT+ community. As an overcoming adversity speaker, Anita passionately addresses the challenges and discrimination faced by the community, striving for a world of acceptance and inclusivity. She stands as an emblem of perseverance, commitment and empowerment, making her a top voice as an overcoming adversity speaker.

Kelly Holmes

Verified Evaluation – 9/10

Dame Kelly Holmes, a retired middle-distance British athlete, embodies the spirit of overcoming adversity. Holding British records for the 800m and 1000m, she faced significant challenges on her journey to success. A former member of the British Army, Kelly transitioned from military service to athletics, overcoming injuries and personal struggles with depression and self-harming during her preparation for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Triumphing with two gold medals, she became the first Briton in over 80 years to achieve a double win. Dame Kelly Holmes’ journey of self-discovery and coming out as gay adds another layer to her powerful narrative of overcoming adversity. Kelly’s decision to share her authentic self with the world exemplifies her courage and resilience. By doing so, she not only embraces her true identity but also sends a poignant message about the importance of self-acceptance and breaking free from societal constraints.

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