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Gender inequality has been a societal issue for centuries. Though progress has been made, notably the 1918 Women’s Suffrage, discrimination remains commonplace – particularly in the workplace. Female empowerment speakers are regularly booked to discuss representation, equal pay, women’s health and more, each powerful topics for corporate events.

International Women’s Day 2024 takes place on Friday the 8th of March, with the theme #InspireInclusion.

With glass ceilings yet to shatter, female motivational speakers have dedicated their lives to tackling sexist bias and prejudice. These speakers are essential additions to corporate events, where they share vital strategies for gender diversity and inclusion.

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Featured Female Motivational Speakers

Inga Beale

First Female CEO of Lloyds of London, Former Board Director of the Chartered Insurance Institute & Inclusion Role Model

Karren Brady

Former Managing Director of Birmingham City FC, Vice Chair of West Ham United & Aide to Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice

Jessica Ennis-Hill

2012 Olympic Champion, 2010 European Champion & Three Time World Champion in the Heptathlon

Helen Sharman

The First British Astronaut in Space, First European Woman in Space & First Woman Aboard the Mir Space Station

Paris Lees

First Transgender Columnist for British Vogue Named as the Most Influential Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender Figure in the UK

How Do I Hire a Female Motivational Speaker?

With The Female Motivational Speakers Agency, hiring an inspiring female speaker is quick, simple and stress-free. Our team of expert booking agents will supply the perfect speaker for your unique event, tailored to your needs. Following our initial consultation, you will receive a list of speakers to choose from, each hand-selected with your budget, target audience and event theme in mind. Read more about the steps to hiring one of our dedicated female motivational speakers on our process page.

To hire a female motivational speaker, contact one of our booking agents by calling 0203 9158 282, emailing or completing our online contact form!

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Female Motivational Speaker?

As with all speakers, empowering female speakers vary in cost depending on several factors, like the length of speech required and style of event. It can be time-consuming to liaise with potential speakers, so cut through the noise and go directly to a speaker’s agency, like The Female Motivational Speakers Agency, to book an inspiring female figure. With the cost of a female motivational speaker spanning the range of £750 to £60,000, contact a booking agent today to determine which speakers your budget accommodates.

Who are the Top Female Motivational Speakers to Hire?

In 2024, gender equality is long overdue. Take action this year with a female empowerment speaker, an essential addition to all diversity and inclusion themed events. These speakers have dedicated their lives to shattering glass ceilings and inspiring other women to do the same in their own professions. Instil confidence in your female workforce with one of our powerful speakers today! 

If you are in need of inspiration when it comes to hiring a female motivational speaker, take a look at our hand-crafted selection of the Top 16 Female Motivational Speakers to Inspire Your Employees or our Top Female Speakers to Book for International Women’s Day.

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£ 48 Billion
Annual Boost to UK Economy from Increase of Women in Work
9 /10
Number of Women Who Work for a Company That Pays Them Less Than Men
May 2021
First Time that a Third of House of Commons is Female
24 %
Percentage of FTSE 100 Directors Who Are Female

UK Gender Statistics

In the world of gender equality and empowerment, the statistics speak for themselves. There are several layers to such issues, with LGBTQ+ and women of colour facing severe discrimination in the workplace. Despite significant progress, women from all walks of life continue to face inequalities and discrimination, as indicated by the following findings.

Key 2024 Dates For Your Calendar

International Day of Women in Science - 11th March

International Women's Day - 8th March #InspireInclusion

Women's History Month - 1st March to 31st March

In response to the discrimination many women in STEM face, the International Day of Women in Science raises valuable awareness of industry inequalities. It is vital for workplaces within the STEM industry and beyond to recognise the International Day of Women in Science, and the ground-breaking achievements of female STEM professionals.  

Each year, International Women’s Day highlights the ongoing discrimination that limits female potential. From business to sport, the event encourages men, women and non-binary people across the globe to challenge gender inequalities around them. Female speakers are booked to recognise this important event, through their powerful stories of shattering glass ceilings. The theme of 2024 is #InspireInclusion. Take a look at our pick of the Top Female Speakers to Book for International Women’s Day Worldwide.

From 1918, when women won the right to vote, to 1970, with the Equal Pay Act, several historic moments contributed to gender equality today. Each year, Women’s History Month recognises such events and celebrates the achievements of female revolutionaries. It is important for businesses to honour women’s history, with the guidance of a female empowerment speaker. 

EveryWoman Day - 3rd September

National Women's Equality Day - 26th August

National Girls & Women In Sports Day - 3rd February

Women’s health and wellbeing is widely underfunded, leading to misdiagnosis and untreated conditions. Female speakers in science and healthcare are regularly booked to talk on this issue and recognise the importance of EveryWoman Day as an event. With fatigue and stress plaguing female professionals, these speakers highlight the value of self-care. 

Women’s Equality Day is an American celebration that commemorates the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The event is now recognised on a global scale, as a celebration of equality and political freedomCorporate and public events alike recognise Women’s Equality Dayto honour the achievements of women throughout history. 

In sport, female athletes are often undervalued and underfunded. Compared to their male counterparts, they receive less media coverage and therefore financial investment, reflecting the importance of National Girls & Women in Sports Day. The event recognises the determination of female athletes, an attitude that can be translated for a working environment at corporate events.